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The Rents

Book One of Three 

Jim is sixteen years old and has decided that this years family holiday is going to be the last one he goes on with his parents (AKA The Rents), there is only one problem - they are refusing to tell him where they are going...Follow Jim on a summer holiday he is never going to forget...two weeks in the sun - what's the worst that can happen?

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A Change of nature

Book Two of Three 

Sasha has returned home from her holiday in Greece and has lots of fond memories of her trip, but this time as she watches her family returning to what they call normal life she realises she isn't ready to just become the same person she was before she went's time for a change of nature 

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Beyond the plastic Smile

A Memoir 

"Lend me £23,000 and I will make you a millionaire" the words of a true entrepreneur, Sir Fred Pontin as he started out on a venture that literally made him a millionaire.  This book is the story of my time working on the holiday centres in the UK.  They say that life can be stranger than fiction and I hope that this book proves that as I talk you through singing waiters, Morris dancing Scotsmen and the twelve days of Christmas - with a twist...please enjoy my story of life beyond the plastic smile. 

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Thriller not for the feint hearted

David has spent his working life dealing with computers, in his personal life he has everything he could ever want - a good job with a steady income and a wife who other men wish was theirs...Everything in his life seems perfect until in the beat of a heart it is all taken from him...Follow David as he races against time to get Anna back...Welcome to the world of Occultopia...enter if you dare...

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