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Short Stories

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10 for 10

Collection of 10 short stories each 10 pages long

If you like short stories this may be the one for you, this book is a collection of 10 short stories including those that are listed below, so if you like short stories, why not buy 10 in one document for the price of a coffee?

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The Cam

This is a character study, an observation of life in the online adult industry written from the reflections of a person who worked in that industry, the person it is based on remains anonymous for privacy reasons 

Adult oriented 

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The Mermorph

Teen Fantasy 

Danny has been using the family basement for study ever since he was 6 years old, to him it is a place where he can be alone and study or just watch the fish in the family aquarium - that is until one of them turns out not to be a fish...

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It'll all come out in the wash - won't it?

What do you do when someone walks in on you and mis-interprets the situation based on what they can see?  There is only one solution, hope that it will all come out in the wash - in the case of this story that is quite literally the scenario

Lighthearted story of an awkward experience 

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Blood Lust

A Vampire story 

Violet had made a mistake this time and she knew it, she had broken her own code in a moment of anger and now the evidence lay lifeless in front of her.  She knew it was only a matter of time before someone discovered the body she had drained of blood and investigations would begin forcing her away from this town she had managed to remain unnoticed in - still sometimes a vampire just needs to give in to her blood lust.

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Lets Get Quizzical 

Fun story with some adult implications

This is a "How I met your mother" type story which sees the main character Anna reflecting on how she met the man she ended up marrying him.  It is a fun romp through the early adult years for a person whose fun-loving attitude found them love in the most unexpected place possible

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Character Story 

Character story based on the early life of one of the characters from my novel "Occultopia" for avid readers this is designed to give the character some backstory however it can also be enjoyed as a short story of its own merit

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Constitutional Freedom

A "What If" futuristic story

This is a futuristic tale of a US president that made one change to the constitution, a change that went on to change the way America and other parts of the world lived their day to day lives..but what was the change? I guess you will have to read it to find out...

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